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Driving in Style


Silvia Nicolis - Museum Director & Driver


Welcome to the first edition of our series on fabulous women sharing their cars andautomotive passion. We begin with Silvia Nicolis, the president of Verona's Museo Nicolis, one of the most important private automotive museums in Europe. Under Silvia’s leadership the museum recently received “Best Museum of the Year” honors from Octane magazine’s Historic Motoring Awards. Silvia's father, Luciano Nicolis, founded the museum in 2000 after building the family business, Lamacart Group, a leader in the recovery and processing of waste paper.  The museum houses hundreds of cars from every decade as well as motorcycles, bicycles, trophies, musical instruments, cameras, typewriters and vintage travel accessories all procured by Luciano during eighty years of passionate collecting. Silvia has received several awards for the work she does for the development of the city of Verona, including the "Capitani dell'Anno Veneto Award" and the "International Women Profile Award" both in recognition of her entrepreneurial commitment.

Silvia recently shared a few thoughts with us about her love of cars.


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